Tuesday, September 21, 2010

They were Ghana beat us from the start...

Hey folks!
It is 2:28 am and I can't sleep, and my brain is fuzzy from reading so much, so I thought I'd write instead. We are 5 hours and 32 minutes from docking in Takoradi, Ghana. Between each port, students and ambassadors from our next country join our shipboard community to educate us on the cultural and logistical differences we will inevitably encounter upon our departure from home. There are two people currently aboard who will leave us in Ghana tomorrow (where they are from), named Rebecca and Jo Baami. They have been excellent resources for trip planning.
Ghanaian (sp?) currency is the "cedi" which is 1.4 to every USDollar. This means 3 cedis for a Tro-Tro to Kakum Nat'l Park is equal to 2 bucks! Tro-Tro's are mini-buses, generally old VW vans, that are known for breaking down frequently. They are also the most cheap and common form of transportation in Ghana.
Kakum Nat'l Forest is known for it's canopy walk which is reportedly the highest off the ground and longest in the world. It sits 40 meters above the ground in the tree tops, and you can see exotic birds and monkeys swinging between branches frequently - supposedly. We shall see, I will report back excitedly, I hope, as soon as I see this for myself! They also have cascading waterfalls and great hikes, so I'm pretty excited to put my new shoes to use! I plan to stay in the forest tomorrow night.. but due to my paranoia, I may not if I cannot find someone from the ship to stay with me. It is rainy season too, so camping might find some complications.
Takoradi calls itself the center of the world as it is the city that is the closest to the prime meridian and the equator, sitting just 930 kms north of (0,0). The sun is roasting everyone on the ship like almonds at the fair. It's pretty silly.. you'd think everyone would learn from each other's mistakes and lather up!
Have been taking Malaria meds for several days now which is enough time.. I think. I'm terrified of getting it, but bug spray and long clothing should suffice. Anyway, I should try to hit the hay. Am extremely nostalgic and homesick today for some reason. Have gone through thousands of pictures tonight from Columbus, LA and travels with family and friends... and am starting to anxiously await the annual trip to Lake Cumberland!
Until departure... Nanti Yie! ("Go well" in Twi, a common Ghanaian language!)

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