Sunday, September 26, 2010


We will continue down the prime meridian for another 15 degrees (I think) but it was great and everyone went out on the deck to cheer. They blew the horn on the ship and it was such a monumental moment of the voyage. Luckily, I was out eating lunch so it happened to be good timing (tuna sandwiches! my favorite :). There were announcements all about it on the loudspeaker/intercom throughout the ship, though it didn't play in our room so Alexa held the door open so we could hear the announcement from the hall. They talked all about how the prime meridian has changed over time and is now a universal point on the globe, and it was neat to get all the historical info on where we are in the ocean! Neptune day is still scheduled for 2 days away, I guess we crossed early and had to go out of our route a bit to go through (0,0) but the celebration will definitely still go on.
I'm still feeling a little sick from slimy Ghanaian food so I will sign off for now... but will write way more about Ghana later!

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