Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shipping and handling.

I just worked out on the ship for the first time. The machines are so popular that you have to sign up at 6 pm for a time slot on the following day, and there is a line so you’re lucky if there’s a time for you in between classes. When running on the treadmill, it’s hard to keep balance.. the boat rocks no matter where you are and it is easy to trip over yourself. I bought a green water bottle (so I can be cool like Kaleigh at the gym). They don’t have cold drinking water anywhere on this ship in between meal times… so the water bottle is essential. Especially with the dry-mouth symptoms from anti-nausea medicine. I feel lucky not to have gotten sick, most of my friends have been ill for days. I fell this morning when trying to stand from a lounge chair on the top deck, knocking over like 8 other chairs… so graceful. At least that’s the worst of it!
The seas are high and rolling today. We are planning to sail alongside several hurricanes, tonight is supposed to be kind of crazy so we’ll see what happens. I keep thinking about how they filmed the tilting of the ship in Titanic as I sit in the dining hall, with the liquids inside glasses shifting with chandeliers, etc. and how accurate that all was. Well done, James.
Classes started today too. Sociology at 800 hours and Global Studies at 920 hours.
Classes were interesting. Sociology is small and intimate with maybe 12-15 people. My professor holds the same seat that Jefferson held in the (Legistlature?)… I forget, but it’s important, and he’s a politician. I’ll correct myself when I verify my facts. He is a sociologist who has practiced law now for almost 30 years. I have a feeling I will learn a lot about the issues we face in America now, but pertaining to each country we visit among others (health care, unemployment rates, general happiness scales, military presence.. etc.).
Global studies will highlight much of the same thing, with a focus on the politics and intercultural relations around the world. I signed up for intermural soccer, Spanish conversation club, art teacher for kids ages 2-5 on the boat (28 kids total), Jewish club because the high holiday are coming up, photography club and intend to start a scrabble club once I get my hands on a board. Hopefully this will keep me busy – outside of class, studying and planning – there’s not much else to do. I suppose that’s all for now J


  1. Sounds like youre having a blast kleiman! keep the posts coming and let me know if you get to go to any clubs or see some cool djs in spain/ibiza

  2. i love your blog...finally had a chance to read all of your posts...

    the sunset club sounds right up my alley! love you sweet pea!